Students should dress in formal business wear. Dress Code Our sixth form students are both academically and professionally ambitious. All students in the sixth form at Mulberry UTC must wear smart business dress. Hence, our sixth form dress code reflects the principles of dress for the job you want. Sixth Form Dress Code. The Trust Sixth Form at Cornwallis Academy expects students to wear smart business attire at all times when on site. Students who adhere to this policy are allowed to partake in 'Dress Down Friday' and wear more casual clothes on the last day of the week. Sixth Form Dress Code Sixth Form Dress Code – 2020 / 2021. Crompton House Sixth Form is a centre of excellence for post sixteen education which fully equips its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to live as twenty first century citizens in a multicultural society , focusing on the development of the whole person. Our Sixth Form students are leaders in the school and role models to the younger students. A well-chosen and clear outline of our Dress code ensures that our Sixth Formers are excellent role models to our younger students, whilst it also supports them become accustomed to … This dress code sets the tone for the rest of the school in terms of appearance: Year 12 and 13 students’ dress should be smart, business-like and appropriate to … Male students and those who identify as male: Suit trousers and suit jacket or blazer, formal shirt (short sleeves are acceptable) with tie that is visible at… Read More »Dress Code As a member of the Sixth Form, we expect all students to set a good example and be good role models for the rest of the school. This includes wearing professional dress at all times. Please ensure you read and follow the School’s Dress Code, the key highlights are: A Suit Jacket or Blazer: Suit style and plain. We believe the Sixth Form is a place of work and therefore we ask students to dress appropriately for a work and study environment. Sixth Form » Dress Code » Dress Code. Students should wear appropriate jewellery and/or makeup for a school environment. The aim of this dress code… Sixth form pupils are leaders in the school community. Mayflower Sixth Form Dress Code Mayflower believes that the Sixth Form should project a productive and comfortable atmosphere that reflects the school ethos of success and opportunity for all. Sixth Form Dress Code. Your standards of dress are an important part of the ethos of the Sixth Form. As you are being prepared for the world of work, you are expected to dress as such. Sixth Formers should take pride in their school and themselves. Strood Academy Sixth Formers are required to represent the academy at all times and act as role models to our younger students. You are asked to regard Sixth Form dress requirements in a positive manner. Students in the Sixth Form at Beths provide a role model to the rest of the school and as such, are expected to dress smartly at all times during the school day, and on the way … The school is noted for the smart appearance of its students and those in the Sixth Form play a leading role in this. We want you to follow the same principles that would apply to any workplace; that you come to Sixth Form dressed in a business-like fashion, ready to work and learn. Below is the Plumstead Manor Sixth Form dress code. Sixth Form: Sixth Form Dress Code. A more detailed description can be found below. At Hinchingbrooke we pride ourselves on our students aiming for the highest possible standards, including in their dress. what you would … Alleyne’s Sixth Formers are regarded as role models to the younger students lower down the school and their standard of dress is an important part of the culture of the School. The Director, Miss Weston will make the final decision on the suitability of dress, but those arriving dressed inappropriately will be asked to go home and change into more suitable clothing. Appearance. Sixth form dress code. Dress Code. Appearance is required to be smart, clean and respectable. Please make sure you buy appropriate clothing to start the new term. 6th Form: Dress Code. They should look smart and presentable at all times. At the start of the term each student is required to read and sign […] Sixth Form Dress Code. The Sixth Form Dress Code Students are expected to be dressed to reflect a school-based working environment. Whilst we acknowledge that you wish to express yourself in terms of fashion and taste, you should strive to look as if you are going to work as a young professional. Sixth Form students are expected to dress in business dress appropriate to a professional environment. As a student in a school where the younger pupils wear a strict uniform, Sixth Form students set an example by adhering to our dress code which is similar to that expected in a professional business environment. Sixth Form Dress Code. The Sixth Form dress code plays an important role in contributing to the ethos and highest standards of both the Sixth Form and the wider school. Any questions about the dress code should be directed to the Assistant Headteacher – KS5, as should any queries about reasonable adjustment on medical or religious grounds. The Sixth Form is a professional environment and we expect our sixth form students to dress accordingly. The way that students in Sixth Form dress is important to create a smart, disciplined and purposeful academic environment and to promote the public image of Bourne Academy. About Us. Sixth Form Dress Code (September 2018) We expect all of our students to look smart at all times and to set a good example to Years 7-11. In particular, you must not wear: Torn or scruffy clothes. Specifically: The purpose of this dress code is to reflect the pride Nobelians take in being part of our sixth form, whilst also maintaining the smart appearance of the lower school years. It should not be possible to see through the material of any clothing. Sixth Form Dress Code The Sixth form dress sends a strong message to the rest of the school and the community about pride in their appearance and attitude to work. No outside wear is to be worn inside the school building: with: During Monday-Thursday we operate a strict 'Dress to Impress' business dress code. Students in the Sixth Form are expected to wear smart, formal business wear clothing of their own choice. The impression it creates sets an example to younger pupils and is a strong influencing factor. Students should be dressed in keeping with the manner expected of a professional environment. Dress Code // This is the current Sixth Form Dress but please note, this is under review. Sixth Form Dress Code Fearnhill School believes that student work ethic, performance, achievement and preparation for a lifetime of success may be positively affected by professional appearance. Whilst it is recognised that students opt to return into the Sixth Form of their own choice, it is also vital that everyone agrees to adhere to some simple codes of conduct and dress that are developed in the broadest interests of students and staff. Members of the sixth form will be expected to set a decent and high standard in their personal appearance, to act as role models and set an example for all other students at the academy with their personal appearance. Male Sixth Form students are expected to wear the … Your dress and appearance must therefore be appropriate to support and encourage the ethos of the school. However additional clarification is sometimes required: see below. We want you to take pride in your personal appearance and always remember that others will be looking up to you as role models. Menswear. As role models for younger students and ambassadors for our school it is important that Sixth Form students reflect the professionalism, high aspirations and desire for excellence that characterises the work of the school. The aim of the Sixth Form dress code is to ensure students are dressed smartly, professionally and in a formal/business style. SIXTH FORM DRESS CODE. The revised dress code was designed in consultation with the Sixth Form Council to raise expectations whilst being fit for purpose, affordable and not too restrictive as to hinder individuality. Dress Code. ID Lanyard should be worn at all times. Sixth Form Dress Code. Sixth form Nobelians are required to maintain a high standard of business-like dress. All Sixth Form students are expected to wear smart business wear at all times. Students must wear their lanyard at all times whilst on the school site. Sixth form students should wear clothes that are not ostentatious in style, pattern or colour. Our academic standards are high at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form and with that comes high expectations of our students. Our Sixth Form dress code is designed to meet the requirements of a professional office environment. Dress Code All students should take pride in their appearance and dress appropriately for a working day in the Sixth Form. This means following the Sixth Form dress code, having respect for staff, other students and the wider community. It is important to maintain high standards of personal appearance; the Sixth Form is a place of study and work and the dress code reflects that. Do’s: Don’ts: Smart tailored trousers. Dress Code. All students are expected to wear business dress that would be appropriate in an office or business environment. You are required to dress in a manner appropriate to a working environment in which you will be meeting people with a variety of attitudes, and representing our Sixth Form in the community. Professional business attire is our expectation, because we want you to dress for your future success today. This applies to work ethic and effort but also presentation and appearance. Updated: Fri 11 Dec 2020 Share: The Bishop’s Stortford High School Dress Code 2020-21 (Taken from 6th Form Guidebook) We expect our students to dress in a professional, formal and corporate manner, i.e. All information, content, text, images, html code, photography and graphics are the property of The Spencer Academies Trust operating as George Spencer Academy, and may not be copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way without our express, advance, written consent. Sixth Form Dress Code. Following consultation with the Student Leadership Team and the Sixth Form Committee, from January 2018 the Sixth Form dress code will be: Consistently enforced for … Any breaches of the dress code run the risk of you being sent home to change. A matching suit or combination of: Tailored jacket with: Tailored trousers (not leggings/jeggings) or A tailored skirt of at least knee length and not of stretch fabric or At Hayes Sixth Form, we believe that a smart appearance leads to a smart mind. A smart-casual look is fine and in practice most students appreciate what this means within a school setting. Sixth Form Dress Code. Sixth Form Dress Code Aldridge School Sixth Form pupils are regarded as role models for younger pupils in the school. As recognition of the Sixth Form students’ growing maturity and independence, our dress code is based upon business principles.