stub. Add a photo to this gallery Bonkers, is funded in part by... (1993-1999 Kimberly-Clark Huggies ident) Kimberly-Clark, makers of Huggies diapers, baby wipes and training pads; proud to support the development of happy babies. Corporation for Public Broadcasting Viewers Like You "Barney & Friends" "Doctor Barney is Here!" Ending to the video release of "Barney's Night Before Christmas" 1410. Here are the Funding Credits for Bonkers, a Disney show that aired on PBS from 1993-1994. 1996-1997 funding credits for seasons 1-3 1433. 1 Barney & Friends August 2, 1993 Funding Credits 2 Barney & Friends September 6, 1995 Funding Credits 3 Barney & Friends October 1, 1996 Funding Credits 4 Barney & Friends October 25, 1996 Funding Credits 5 Barney & Friends November 25, 1996 Funding Credits 6 Barney … The last appearance of the Season 2 Barney costume. 1 Opening Credits 2 Closing Credits 2.1 CAST 2.2 POST PRODUCTION 2.3 SONGS An Release LIONS GATE ENTERTAINMENTAND HIT ENTERTAINMENTpresents aFAMILY HOME ENTERTAINMENT PICTURES/ILION ANIMATION STUDIOSproduction BARNEY Barney - DEAN WENDTBaby Bop - JULIE JOHNSONBJ - PATTY WIRTZRiff - MICHAELA DIETZMinty - TABITHA ST. GERMAIN Pinkie Pie - … The first time Barney isn't seen coming to life. Feel free to expand it! The P.B.S. with Ruff Ruffman 16 Hometime 17 It's a Big, Big World 18 Let's Go Luna! The way kids react when Barney comes to life. The Barney plush doll and its former self. Here are the funding credits for LazyTown, a Nick Jr. show that aired on PBS Kids from 1998, 2002, and 2004-2010. funding credits. Also, the song is from the tune of Yankee Doodle. The Barney and Friends title opening. Season 4 ending credits with "Barney Says" and the fundings from 1997 1434. The logo looks alike as well as the way as the kids and Baloney march on top. Before this, only videos released by Time Life Video showed them. The endcreditsto Barney & Friendsappear at the end of all episodes of the television series. Add a photo to this galleryMajor funding for Danny Phantom is provided by, the National Science Foundation; America's Investment in the Future. Barney's catchphrases. 1997-1998 funding credits for season 2 1411. The background and the music have changed over the years, but they still serve their purpose of giving credit to the show's cast and crew. 1 American Experience 2 Arthur 3 Antiques Roadshow 4 Barney and Friends 5 Between the Lions 6 Bill Nye The Science Guy 7 Charlie Rose 8 Clifford the Big Red Dog 9 Clifford's Puppy Days 10 Curious George 11 Cyberchase 12 Dinosaur Train 13 DragonflyTV 14 Dragon Tales 15 FETCH! Here are the funding credits for Danny Phantom, a Nickelodeon show that aired on PBS Kids from 2004-2007. Here are the funding credits for Arthur, a PBS Kids show that airs on PBS Kids since 1996. (2001-2008 Intel ident) Intel Corporation is a proud supporter of PBS. Instead, he is seen going to the library. The first and only publicly released video where they show the "Barney & Friends" funding credits. Funding credits for "Barney & Friends" by BigSpinCoaster from 1992-2009. In the first three seasons, the background consisted of an art table with paintings that change throughout the credits and the font of the credits is Dom Casual. Barney's generous and positive personality.